KOL Influence

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Influence

HRM understands the ever-changing pharmaceutical sales environment and the importance of engaging the customer. Our Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Influence program provides representatives access and reach tools using regional KOLs to influence the prescribing habits of primary care physicians (PCPs).



PracticeShare®is a disease-state focused white paper that discusses the latest protocols and treatment options from peer-reviewed organizations. HRM has experience incorporating treatment protocols from organizations such as the American Heart Association, National Pain Foundation, American Diabetes Association, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just to name a few.

PracticeShare® improves communication between local primary care physicians and local specialists. PracticeShare® captures best practices while also being a vehicle for PCPs to hear viewpoints on patient diagnosis and treatment from KOLs.

KOLs' advice and comments are integrated into the PracticeShare® paper, which is distributed by the sales representative to jump start dialogue and engage the physician at a much higher level. The local physician values the disease-state centered discussions of PracticeShare® and the viewpoints of local KOLs. The representatives appreciate a unique access tool.

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KOL e-Newsletter

KOL e-Newsletter™

The next KOL Influence solution, KOL e-Newsletter, is a unique way to execute peer-to-peer education focusing on clinical material. KOL e-Newsletter is a one-page clinical e-newsletter on a topic pertinent to a disease state. It includes quotes from an interview with one or more regional KOL(s). The intent is to increase relevance and interest among local HCPs by leveraging the viewpoints of a local expert to influence their diagnosis and treatment of that particular disease.

Second Opinion

HRM Second Opinion™

HRM Second Opinion uses the viewpoints of local specialists to address commonly-heard concerns about the management of certain disease states and the utilization of certain therapies. The local medical community hears from colleagues whom they perceive as being experts in the identified disease state(s).

Dr. On Call

Dr. OnCall™

Dr. OnCall brings the opinions of KOLs directly to the HCP's mobile phone. A disease topic is sent to the HCP via mobile technology, allowing the HCP to read and hear the opinions of several KOLs on that topic. The information is readily available wherever the HCP is, on the device that stays close at hand.

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